History in Dates

1974 The construction of Pridonskoy Chemical Plant begins.

1979 The first production line is put into operation – weak nitric acid and ammonium nitrate plants.

1981 Large-capacity ammonia aggregate yields first products.

1982 The enterprise is renamed into Rossosh Chemical Plant after the 60th Anniversary of the USSR.

1983 The first NPK plant is put into operation.

1984 The second weak nitric acid plant is launched. The second NPK plant begins operating.

1988 The second ammonia plant is erected and started up. The liquid calcium nitrate plant gives first products. The Plant simultaneously launches production capacities and environment protection sites.

1989 Rossosh Chemical Plant is reorganized into Rossosh Industrial Association «Minudobreniya».

1992 Public Joint Stock Company «MINUDOBRENIYA» (MINUDOBRENIYA JSC) is registered.

2008 A new final products warehouse for storage of complex fertilizers was put into operation at the Plant site. Total warehouse capacity makes 60 thousand tons.

2008 At All-Russian exhibition “Golden Autumn” OAO “Minudobreniya” was awarded with Gold medal for production of high usage and environmentally safe fertilizers. Also OAO “Minudobreniya” was awarded with Grand Gold Medal and for the first time with honorary Grand Prix established by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

2009 Implementation of process control system (PCS) in ÀÊ-72 Plant (production of nitric acid for internal usage).

2009 Commissioning and putting into operation of Calcium Carbonate Drying Installation with the capacity of 200 thousand tons of calcium carbonate per year.

2009 Big-Bag Filling Station for ammonium nitrate was put into operation in ÀÑ-72 Plant that made it possible to pack all daily output of the product into big-bags.

2009 Quality Management System recertification audit within GOST RF and SGC systems for compliance with GOST R ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2008 requirements was successfully completed.

2009 For the first time 520 thousand ton output of ammonium nitrate per year was achieved that is the highest result of designed capacity usage among Ammonium Nitrate Production Plants of the Russian Federation.

2010 New NPK grades were registered – nitroammophoska (azophoska) of nitric acid attack. Range of OAO “Minudobreniya” products extended up to 26 grades of nitroammophoska (NPK). Among them there are high-nitrogen NPK grades with higher content of nitrogen (N) and NPK grades with high potassium (K) content, which are most suitable for soils used for growing feed and industrial crops.

2010 Implementation of PSC (process control system) in Ammonium Nitrate Plant developed in accordance with update technology of production process control.

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