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Consumers Questionnaire

Dear Sirs,

MINUDOBRENIYA JSC Marketing Department takes measures on studying of the consumers opinion of the Company products quality and its work. We are convinced the information taken from the questionnaires will let us optimize the Company work and improve our products quality to the highest degree. We are sure the measures taken will strengthen our partnership.

Everybody who fills in the Questionnaire will be presented with a gift from MINUDOBRENIYA JSC!

Best regards,
Marketing Department

Full name of the
Company *
The Company
Activity *
Full name *
Of the manager of the company
Of the person filling the questionnaire
Position of the person
filling the questionnaire
Information *
Phone / Fax *
Postal Address
Demand, tons *
NPK 16:16:16 Ammonia
NPK 22:11:11 Ammonium Nitrate
Ammonia Liquor    
Period of demand *
Which product produced by MINUDOBRENIYA JSC is applied in your fields? *
NPK 16:16:16 Ammonia
NPK 22:11:11 Ammonium Nitrate
Ammonia Liquor    
Annual demand of mineral fertilizers, tons *
  I II   I II
Ammonium Nitrate Ammophous
Urea NPK 13:19:19
NPK 16:16:16 NPK 10:26:26
NPK 22:11:11      
Do you have claims to the products produced by MINUDOBRENIYA JSC? What sort of claims?
Do you have claims to the contract execution quality from the part of MINUDOBRENIYA JSC?
Your offers of quality improvement of MINUDOBRENIYA JSC products *
Which form of payment for mineral fertilizers is most convenient for you? *
100 per cent of prepayment
Long - dated bill
Bill deferment on the security of property
What kind of property?
What mineral fertilizers supplier are you dealing with at present? *
What are the advantages of that very supplier of mineral fertilizers? *
Product value Stability of the company operation
Product quality Geographic location
Other factors
The margins marked by * are obligatory to fill in

Consumers Questionnaire

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