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It is proved by the XXI century realias that nowadays it is necessary to be a socially responsible in the contemporary world. The finances which are properly invested in the social programme greatly help the society and provide benefit to the business itself (strengthening of the reputation and branding of the company, growth of investment attractiveness, improvement of business administration quality ). ÎÀÎ “Minudobreniya” is a town economic mainstay which pays much attention to the social policy and to the charitable activity.

The primary guidelines of a charity programme are the following:
• Rossosh adult and disabled people home;
• Rossosh foster home;
• public, social and charity organizations and funds;
• religious organizations;
• child-care and educational institutions;
• cultural institutions;
• sports organizations;
• municipal institutions;
• authorities;
• targeted assistance to war and labor veterans, to disable persons;
• targeted assistance to the needy people.

General principles of OAO “Minudobreniya” social policy:

– Systematic approach. The Company does not confine itself to private donations, it organizes purpose-oriented charitable programmes. The systematic approach guarantees that the finances will be used to maximum effect and will be highly beneficial to the addressees.

– Regularity. The Company develops the programmes of charitable assistance and sponsorship for a long-term perspective, considering that it is necessary to render all-time assistance to the number of social organizations and socially unprotected groups, without confining to onetime actions. At the same time the Company is open for onetime assistance to the organizations and particular persons, families.

– Targeting. This principle guarantees that the finances will be addressed exactly to those persons and organizations which require assistance and that they will be directed in full to the appropriate kind of assistance.

– Publicity, openness. The Company renders charitable assistance and support to those social institutions, programmes, groups, the assistance to which is timely from the public point of view. Thereby the Company informs the public about the charitable programmes being performed and about the effectiveness and targeting of the rendered assistance.

The Company renders a great assistance to foster home that the company workers treat as their «41st plant», to the regional blood donor station subsidiary, to the Vocational school ¹ 55 and to other educational, medical, cultural and social institutions.

For many years the program for organization of health-improving rest and medical treatment of OAO “Minudobreniya” workers, the members of their families and the pensioners is being successively carried out. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment unit has started to work again in the industrial hospital of the Company, a new equipment has been purchased for the offices of ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, surgeon and physician. The number of new specialists of the industrial hospital staff was increased by the dermatologist, narcologist and psychiatrist. A wide range of medical services is offered for the Company's employees in the health and rest center; excellent conditions for the rest and treatment have been created and all forms of modern physical therapy are used there.

A lot of various events and meetings for leisure activities of the Company’s employees take place in a “Gamma” club. In summer the workers have an opportunity to have a rest in a recreation center “Don”, where there are perfect living conditions, a swimming pool, a new canteen, a bar and a cinema hall. The availability of sports areas and equipment allows to organize there a traditional youth spartakiada.

ÎÀÎ “Minudobreniya” is very proud of the considerable achievements of the representatives of a sports team. In 2013 the football club «Khimik-Rossosh» has won a bronze medal at Russian Championships in the 3rd league and has become a Chernozemiye cup-winner. The Company’s football team is the champion of Rossosh district, the prize-winner of the departmental tournament among the enterprises of Russia Fuel and Energy Complex.

Volleyball team «Khimik» won a silver medal at Russian Championships, the championship of Central Federal District among men’s teams of the first league and a bronze medal at Russian Championship among men’s teams of the first league.

This year the Company’s table tennis players participated for the first time in the competitions of Russian Championships in the second league «B». The trainees of weightlifting, boxing, powerlifting, swimming, ashihara and kyokushin kaikan karate sections are the multiple winners in Voronezh Region and in All-Russian tournaments.

Such highly awarded sportsmen as Nikita Korotkih, who is the European Champion, the bronze medal winner of the world championship, the winner of the “Black Belt Cup” and of the Russian Championships in ashihara karate, Alexey Kiselev, who is the bronze medallist of the Central Federal District championship and of the Russian pupils’ sports contest, the winner of the “Golden Gloves” contest and Anatoliy Khabarov, the winner of the Central Federal District championship, hone their skills in sports club “Khimik” and in the sports club of ÎÀÎ “Minudobreniya”.

Sports team of OAO “Minudobreniya” came second in All-Russian sports contest among labor collectives, which took place in Ioshkar Ola last September, and not long before the team had won in the regional labor sports contest for the second consecutive time and for the fourth consecutive time the team had won in the sports contest among the plants and the enterprises of Rossosh district. The 12th year-round sports contest among the labour collectives of the plants and departments started in October. Sixteen subdivisions of OAO “Minudobreniya” Company take part in this contest.

OAO “Minudobreniya” has invested 348 million rubles in social decisions and in charity over a period of 9 months of 2013.

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